A collision of
Creative energy

Welcome to Dluance, the brainchild and creative space of Multimedia Visual Artist Ashley Cantero and Musician & Composer Juan Espinosa. Our mission is to foster an inspiring environment for all our friends and guests while providing top-notch creative services along the way. 


Ashley Cantero is a Tampa, FL native and artist who actively engages in the local art scene. Best known for her precise line work and bold, emotionally expressive female characters. With themes that are inspired by 60’s psychedelia, Atomic Age design and Sci-Fi, Ashley’s work is ever evolving through various mediums and artistic forms of expression.


Juan Ramon Espinosa is a versatile artist specializing in Web Design, Graphic Design, and Music Production. With over 20 years of experience in the Web Design and Graphic Design industry, Juan remains dedicated to these fields while actively pursuing his passion as a Composer and Music Producer. Seamlessly navigating between design and music, Juan leverages his extensive expertise to create compelling works. He possesses a profound love for learning, consistently honing his skills and exploring new techniques in both the realms of Web and Design, as well as Music.